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Euthalia Marine- PRODUCTS


The Euthalia Marine lightning protection system developed with Ingelva technology can be divided into:

AIR PROTECTION >>> for direct DOWNWARD lightning, with products of the ENERG1CA® line
SEA PROTECTION >>> for UPWARD and indirect lightning, with products of the ARMON1CA® line

Some products of the ARMON1CA® are also designed to protect electronic components that are particularly sensitive to electrically induced power surges. These systems protect against grid power surges during mooring.

Energica - Euthalia Marine


Lightning is a natural phenomenon that is necessary in nature because it rebalances energy that accumulates constantly between the atmosphere and earth (electric poles).
When this energy, or rather the energy differential that is formed by these two poles reaches a level that is greater than the electric strength of the air, lightning occurs that restores the equilibrium.

The ENERG1CA® LPS (Lightning Protection Systems) overcome energy accumulations by constantly discharging the electricity present in the air. In this manner, when a thunderstorm occurs, the area around the vessel never reaches that energy differential, so that the formation of the atmospheric discharge is prevented.


TE30 kA Marine - Air head

TE30 kA Marine
Air head

Lightning conductor installed on the top of the mast with a coverage range that varies according to the supporting items installed (SCa air blocking filter and SCt sea bocking filter).

SCa Marine – Air-blocking filter

SCa Marine
Air-blocking filter

Air filters that create a reflector of the lightning conductor by increasing the coverage range and decreasing the probability of getting struck by the discharge. The various models contain differing percentages of non hygroscopic refractory material that determines different coverage areas of the product. SCa Marine products are generally installed to protect the stanchions and parapet.

Armonica - Euthalia Marine


Power surges can be generated by lightning that hits the energy/data distribution network, maintenance operations in the cabin, transients or overloads. Power surges are often overlooked but they are the cause of most damage to electric and electronic equipment.

The products of the ARMON1CA® line are designed to intervene on various voltages and all power transmission systems that are currently available. They can be activated beforehand and damp incoming peaks.

The power surge caused by lightning striking the network or by cabin operations is anticipated by particular electromagnetic frequencies; the technology inside the ARMON1CA® products enables them to absorb these frequencies and the device to intervene to lower the peak, thus ensuring the protection of all the power networks.


SCt Marine - Launching blocking filter

SCt Marine
Launching blocking filter

Launching polarization filter. Patented by Ingelva, it is the only product on the market that is able to protect against downward and upward lightning and block the interference caused by dangerous potential differences (induced power surge) in addition to protecting against the frequency peaks that occur on the power line when the vessel is moored.

Box DAM Marine – Surge Protection Devices

Box DAM Marine
Surge Protection Devices

Surge protection devices (SPD) installed upstream of the circuit breaker to protect the power grids during mooring.

The advantages of our solutions for protecting vessels against lightning: always active and providing complete protection

Defence 24/7

They are always in operation, reducing the risk of being struck by lightning.

Zero consumption

They do not produce or consume energy to operate.

Total protection

They ensure complete and discreet protection of the entire vessel.

Warranty 10 years

An Allianz third-party insurance policy for damage and personal injury is included.