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We put people’s well-being and safety first. Then we of course we look after your vessel.

Euthalia Marine is part of Euthalia, the new benchmark company for consultancy, installation and the marketing of Ingelva systems protecting against lightning and power surges. Ingelva has for 70 years been a brand leader at the international level and a synonym of safety and innovation in the residential, company, commercial and public fields.

Our lightning protection systems are so safe that they have never given grounds for damage claims for decades.

Euthalia Marine’s customers

Our customers are from the pleasure boating sector:

Pleasure boats

Motor or sailing vessels with hulls no greater than 10 metres;

Pleasure craft

Comprises motor or sailing vessels between 10 and 24 metres;

Large vessels

Comprises pleasure vessels above 24 metres that are often known as “yachts” or “large yachts”.

Also vessels and land structures need effective protection systems against lightning and power surges to ensure the safety of people, the boat and systems on board.

We study the features of the hull, materials and systems on board to provide the vessels with a customized solution that ensures complete protection. We protect your sailing or motor boat, ship or yacht, also from power surges coming from energy inputs to ensure total safety at all moments of the trip, from putting to sea, to allow you to sail and remain in port with complete peace of mind.

Euthalia Marine is part of Euthalia